Grus japonensis, symbol for luck, love and faith

Hi Everyone! I went to the zoo! Awesome place to take some pictures! So be aware of many post with animals. Nifty facts about the Japanese Crane They mate for life and that’s why it’s common to put a pair of cranes on you wedding cake in Asia. To strengthen the bond between a couple,…


strayed from the path whatever the heart longs home will be there

The Hague City Center

looking at the view and desire to be there there is so close skip a leap final overcoming distance there I will be eventually I will feel me free as a bird


posing on my throne show the world I am a small majestic creature


two birds secretly contemplating their crazy life in this crazier world


Number 1. Take a walk in the forest Last week on a beautiful autumn day me and my Love decided to go for a walk in the forest. Number one on my fall bucket list. I guess we got lucky because the weather was great. Blue sky, sunshine and a hand to hold making the…


nobody who sees only outer distractions inner mysterie


with you I don’t fear if it ends tomorrow,I’ll be thankful for today

William the Silent

  For more info go for English to: Prince William of Orange or for Dutch to: Prins Willem van Oranje